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2009-06-21 12:15:06 by Horhae

Hey everyone just thought since Germany is my homeland i would tell you something about them, so here is a list of the 10 german sniper commandments!

The German snipers ten commandments:

Fight fanatically
Shoot calmly - fast shots lead nowhere, concentrate on the hit
Your greatest opponent is the enemy sniper, outsmart him
Always only fire one shot from your position, if not you will be discovered
The trench tool prolongs your life
Practice in distance judging
Become a master in camouflage and terrain usage
Practice your shooting skills constantly, behind the front and iat home
Never let go of your sniper rifle
Survival is ten times camouflage and one time firing


2009-06-20 21:28:04 by Horhae

Haha yay i finally got scouted Well if your wondering who i am i am Donovan Burch, Horhae Labreha is just my fiction character i will be adding more drawing to my collection please comment and tell me what you think!